The "Memoria de Hacienda Tributaria de Navarra. Year 2016 ", which we present below, aims to publicize the organization and activity of the autonomous body, Tax Treasury of Navarra, (HTN), to any interested person or entity: to the staff of the Administration, to the collaborators , to the researchers, to the social agents, to other Administrations, Public Institutions, etc.

This Report, which is the first to be published with the objective of integrally reflecting the activity of the Tax Treasury of Navarra, includes the main actions of the year 2016. The data of the activity, could have been, in general, compared, in homogeneous terms, with those corresponding to the year 2015. Therefore, for most of the data, the information of both exercises is presented, which allows the evolutionary and comparative observation of the results.

This Report wants to comply with the principle of informative transparency, and serve to disseminate the activity of the Tax Treasury of Navarre, allowing its evaluation and improvement.

Hacienda Tributaria de Navarra is the organization responsible for the application of the tax system of Navarra. According to Article 3 of its Statutes, HTN is responsible for "achieving a correct and efficient management and collection of taxes, in order to achieve a scrupulous and general compliance with tax regulations, without impairing the legal security of the taxpayer, with minimization of the indirect fiscal pressure that the referred normative originates ".

Due to the characteristics of the tasks entrusted to us, we choose the tax collection figure as the main indicator of our activity, without prejudice to the fact that in order to evaluate the results of certain actions other magnitudes more appropriate to the case are used.

For these purposes, it should be noted that the collection of Tax Treasury of Navarra, in 2016, reached, in liquid terms, an amount of 3,249,731.9 thousand euros, 1.60% more than in 2015. And that, on the other hand, the results of the tax control activity, corresponding to the year 2016, amounted to 133,869.4 thousand euros, which represents an increase of 16.76% with respect to the previous year.

These data are reflected in the following table:

Table No. 1. Tax collection and tax control activity results